Retail-wide Shopping Research

Brand pages connect to product pages... and product pages connect to retailer availability.

Browse & Research Products

Save time and shop smarter by browsing/researching products retail-wide.

Compare Retailer Prices

Product pages connect to retailer availability so that you always get the best price in the most convenient way.

Support Your Favorite Brands

All brand and product pages on Zaloot are initially community-driven. Add/edit pages, earn ZP, and community-sponsor brands/products anytime.

Zaloot... For Business

Manage Pages Officially

Manage brand/product pages officially as a verified brand admin with quick and easy domain-level validation.

Switch Fulfillment Partners

Add & remove retailer availability on product pages without disturbing your established customer following.

Advertise To Browsing Consumers

Promote your brand and products to active consumers for less.