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We centralize brand, product, and availability information, making shopping and comparison easy for consumers, while providing businesses with the tools and data they need to thrive.

Smarter Shopping

Save time with top-level comparison-based search. Get comprehensive product research that links to seller availability retail-wide.

Personalized Experience

Tailor your shopping. Follow brands, bookmark products, create custom lists, and share your finds with ease.

Join Our Community

Contribute to site content, earn ZP, and sponsor your favorite brands/products anytime.

Zaloot... For Business (free)

Take Control of Your Pages

Quickly verify your domain and take control of all your brand/product pages in seconds.

Empower Consumers w/ Instant Research

Sticker or print Zaloot QR codes on product packaging to give consumers instant access to comprehensive product information, trailers, third-party review data, and transparent pricing in-store and worldwide.

Switch Up Fulfillment Anytime

Adjust fulfillment partners on product pages without disrupting your customer base.

Advertise To Active Consumers

Promote your brand and products to active consumers for less on a platform designed specifically for retail.

Automate Your SEO

Let Zaloot serve all your brand, product, and availability information directly to general search engines and AI.

Retail-wide API

Stay ahead of the game by plugging into our brand, product, availability, and analytics data directly.