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Zaloot combines all of retail into a single, easy to use, completely free, relational experience.

Visitors are welcome to browse and search site content unrestricted. For those who want more, a free registered account lets members follow brands, bookmark and sponsor pages, write content reviews, and contribute to site content. Those looking to represent content in an official capacity can go through an instant DNS-based validation process to become a verified brand admin (VBA). VBA's can manage more than one brand and their owned products at a time.

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Zaloot gathers retail data across the web and organizes it into a set of related brand and product pages. Visitors can search products retail-wide or narrow the search to a specific brand/retailer. Visitors can search by UPC, ISBN, GTIN14, and even brand specific product codes. Each product page serves up promotional content, product details, user reviews, and brand availability/pricing to help the visitor make the right buying decision.

Consumers always get the best product, at the lowest price, in the most convenient way!

Content and data are managed in a number of ways. At the lowest level, members can submit content change requests for any page that are voted on by the Zaloot community. Content changes submitted by verified brand admins are instant and display ahead of community submitted content. VBA's can also use Zaloot's Inventory API to automate product availability and pricing. When Zaloot's API is not used, Zaloot goes out and gathers the data itself.

All retail data, organized into a single comparison-based shopping experience!

Zaloot Points (ZP) are used to sponsor brand and product pages. A sponsored page helps with brand awareness and product exposure when its needed most. ZP is awarded to content contributors and can also be purchased anytime.

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