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Community-driven Retail Search

Brand pages connect to product pages... and product pages connect to outside availability retail-wide.

Browse and Research Products

Search by keyword, category, brand, retailer, barcode, and even internal retailer skus. Can't find a product? Quickly add it to the database for the next guy.

Compare Retailer Pricing

Save time and shop smarter with product pages that link to outside availability retail-wide.

Support Your Favorite Brands

Contribute to site content, earn ZP, and sponsor your favorite brands/products anytime.

Zaloot... For Business (free)

Manage Your Brand/Product Pages Officially

Take control of your brand and product pages with quick and easy domain-level validation.

Easily Switch Fulfillment Partners

Add and remove fulfillment channels without disturbing your customer experience.

Advertise to Browsing Consumers

Promote your brand and products to active consumers for less.