Becoming A Verified Brand Admin

Zaloot members can easily represent and manage pages in an official capacity.

- Click "Rewards".

- Select the "Page Management" tab.

- Generate a DNS key for the brand page you need admin privileges for.

- Add the key on the brand's website DNS records as a TXT entry.

- In a few minutes, Zaloot will locate the key and provide your with admin privileges.

* Admin privileges are granted for the brand page and all linked product pages.

* A brand can grant admin privileges to multiple accounts and even hire the service out to a third-party.

* The brand, the user, and Zaloot all have the power to revoke admin privileges at anytime. A brand can remove the user's key from the DNS records. A member can delete the key they generated. Zaloot can set the key's status to expired.

* Before generating a DNS key for a brand, ensure the site is set correctly on the Zaloot brand page.

- Under "Page Management", select the "Pages" tab.

- All pages the user has admin privileges for will show up in this list.

- Click on any page in the list to immediately open its "Edit Page" window.

- VBA page edits skip Zaloot's job system and are instantly applied to the page.

- VBA page edits have a higher priority than community edits when displayed on the page.

* VBA page edits do not earn the user ZP.

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