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Becoming A Verified Brand Admin

Brands can represent their respective pages officially with quick-and-easy domain-level verification.

  1. Sign-in
  2. Click "Account"
  3. Click the "Page Management" tab
  4. Create a DNS key using the brand's @handle or ZIC
  5. Install the key as a DNS entry on the brand's official website.

Note: Make sure the brand page "website" is set and matches where the DNS key is installed.

Note: Admin status applies to the brand page, and product pages that list it as a parent-brand.

Note: For admin access to a subsidiary brand and its immediate products, create a second DNS key for that brand as well.

Note: Brand pages can have multiple admins and accounts can be admins for multiple pages.

Note: To revoke admin access, delete the DNS key at the domain or account anytime.

Note: Admin-assigned pages have limited community control. Admin changes are instant, but don't award any ZP.

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