Content Voting

When a community member makes a change to a page, a pending job is created. Other community members can vote to approve or deny these changes and will earn ZP for doing so.

- Once signed in, click "Rewards".

- Next, select the "Jobs" tab.

- Each job displays the job type, a link to the page involved, and the base reward for the job.

- The current page data and proposed change are both shown for comparison.

- The job creator can optionally include job notes to help explain the change.

- Each job comes with "Job Guidelines" that can assist in making a voting decision.

* If a user's vote do not align with the majority decision, the user will not be awarded ZP for their vote.

* Vote according to community standards, not personal preference. Your quality assurance rank depends on it.

* Not sure how to vote? Skip the job.

* Voting on a job will create a ZP transaction that can be found on the member's account page.

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