Manage Availability

Availability links a Zaloot product page to a brand's price and external product page.

- Once signed in, click "Rewards".

- Next, select the "Availability" tab.

- Filter by any combination of brand handle/ZIC and product barcode.

- Fill in the following information:

- Brand: Brand handle/ZIC | Who is selling the product?

- Barcode: What product are they selling?

- Point of Sale: Where is this brand selling the product?

- Price: (in cents) | How much is the brand selling this product for?

- Internal Product Code: What is the brand's internal code for this product?

- Internal Product Path: What is the URL path to this product on the brand's site.

* The internal product path is:{path}. Everything that comes after .com in the url when on the brand's external product page.

- Search for the desired availability data.

- Click "edit" or "delete"

* When editing, the data is loaded into the top form. Make the required changes and click "Save"

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